About St Peters

In Jaffa, St Peter’s Church is ready to be reborn, for resurrection to take place in a building whose doors have been closed for over 70 years, and for the gospel to be lived and shared in word and action. We know this vision will be challenging, but we trust that God will provide and we long to see the church in Jaffa, the launching point for Peter’s mission to the Gentiles, once again experience a new beginning.

St Peter’s Anglican Church in Jaffa has been closed since the Arab–Israeli War of 1948, lying damaged and disused. Both local Christians and the expatriate community have been increasingly calling for an Anglican presence and worshipping community. Fr Kevin and Jen have been invited by the Diocese of Jerusalem to reopen and lead it.

Jaffa is a place of great biblical significance. It is the historic Joppa: the place from which Jonah attempted to sail to Tarshish, the port where the cedars of Lebanon arrived to build the temple in Jerusalem, and the place Peter received his vision to go and preach to the Gentiles. Situated near the historic port, the church is ideally placed to serve the local Christian community in the cosmopolitan city that makes up modern Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

The focus of the life at St Peters revolves around living out the Christian faith by:

  • Serving, praying for, and being part of the local community, in a spirit of peace, hope and reconcillation.
  • Providing an Anglican presence for Christians working in the Diplomatic Community in Tel Aviv
  • To support the work of Mission to Seafarers, in exploring opportunities to providing welfare and aid for the international Seafarers using the nearby ports of Ashdod and Tel Aviv.
  • To aspire to live out the values and teacings we see in the ministry of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible.