The Church Family at St Peters Anglican Church

With our first service having taken place on the 2nd October 2021 at Beit Immanuel, this marked the beginning of the restorarion of the Anglican presence in Jaffa and Tel Aviv. We have formed, by God's grace, a new congregation from scratch, and have a particular emphasis on serving not just the local community but also Anglicans working and serving in the Diplomatic Community. We hope you can join us and our Church Family as we worship now on Sunday mornings each week at the Immanuel Lutheran Church, which we hire for our services.

As we go forward this page will be updated with details of Church life and our Worship, Bible Study groups, and other activities, so do check regularly for updates. Check out our Bible Study page for more information on our weekly Bible Study on Tuesday evenings.

Unfortunately, due to delays with obtaining the required permits from the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo, we are still waiting for the  restoration of St Peters to begin. We are praying these issues can be resolved soon, and the long expected work can begin, so we look forward to when we will be able to return to our building and worship there.

If you are looking for somewhere to worship you would be most welcome. Please do get in touch with us using the contact page.


Fr Kevin - 8th December 2022