Bible Studies

Bible Study Group  - Weekly on Tuesday evenings at 7pm

Christians believe that God has spoken to us through His Holy word, the Bible, and that it helps shape and inform our lives. For our physical bodies we need to eat a healthy diet and exercise to grow, live, and get fitter. The same principle applies to our spiritual lives: We need a good diet of prayer, bible study, worship and Christian service to develop healthy spiritual lives.

Bible Study helps us to grow in our faith and to feed us spiritually. It challenges us, but also equips us for Christian service. We meet to do this on Tuesdsay evenings, gathering from around 6.30pm at Beit Immanuel (8 Auerbach Street), before beginning our study at 7pm. The study finishes promptly at 8pm, as we know that people have work the next day. We normally follow the study with a time of prayer, but you are welcome to leave at 8pm if you need to go, or stay and pray.

We are currently studying the Book of Acts.

Interested in joining us? Fill out the contact form on the Home Page of our website or email Fr Kevin who will get back to you!

***Bible Study is now on Summer Break***

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